God created people for relationships. We all experience struggles in our relationships and at times we need additional support to successfully navigate those difficulties.


Abuse—whether it be emotional, physical or sexual—profoundly changes the life of the survivor. Hope and healing are possible through a variety of therapeutic techniques and the ultimate healing that only comes from God.


Depression and anxiety are usually symptoms of deeper wounds and hurts. Counseling provides a safe place to explore these hurts, process the pain and move forward with a healthier you.


Loss in our lives is inevitable and not only includes loss through death, but also loss through divorce, separation, illness, trauma and a host of other avenues. Grieving these losses as well as the loss of expectations and dreams is essential to living an emotionally healthy life.

Mary Jo Cochrum, M.A.

Mary Jo Cochrum, M.A.

Licensed Professional Counselor

"One of my main goals is for people to know that their hurts are heard and that in the counseling process they will be gently guided along a path toward wholeness and wellness." Learn more »